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For 31 years now I have been a licensed mental health provider and I specialize in being a licensed marital and family therapist. However, my expertise goes beyond just being a licensed marital and family therapist for I have had additional doctoral training in clinical psychology working with a diverse population with several areas of expertise. 

About me

Aside from my training and experience as a psychotherapist and consultant, I keep myself informed to the current social, cultural and political zeitgeists as these have a real impact on our day to day living. In addition to this it is important to me that I stay up to date with the latest approaches in mental health and social living to provide service with exceptional knowledge of modern day insight.


Back in the day I would hear people say,”I don’t read the papers, watch television or listen to the radio.” Fast forward to present day, and now we are living in a period of time where technology and media have become a part of societies daily life. Today, technology has permeated our existence, if not invaded our daily lives. Technology is driven by things that we are not always aware of such as commercialism, popular trends, social and political agendas. In turn, we sometimes feel bombarded by too much information and disturbing information that negatively contributes to our day to day problematic lives.  

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Living in the age of Covid-19

I am currently having to revamp my practice to include teleconferencing as well as phone servicing but I am still seeing clients utilizing social distancing(12 feet at least), and cleaning of all surfaces between sessions.  I am no longer seeing children as most of play therapy is within close contact. 

I realize that the pandemic we are in raises much anxiety.  In my practice, I often share the concept of probability vs. possibility.  Much anxiety is  thinking about the darkest of possibilities that this pandemic can bring about, the ultimate anxiety being death.  And, yes death is always possible. But it is important to live in the world of probability.  Anything is possible, but we usually make choices based on what is probable. 

There were 40,000 traffic death facilities in 2018, and yet many of us still drive.  The key is that many of the deaths in vehicle accidents can be attributed to unhealthy driving habits such as being under the influence, excessive speeding, falling asleep at the wheel, etc.  So the probability of dying on the road is significantly decreased when driving safely.  

So the same can be said about the virus, that the probability of falling ill or becoming infected is significantly lessened by avoiding contact with those already infected.  The anxiety at this writing is that it is unclear to know who is infected and who is not since a person can be infected without showing symptoms.  Until the testing kits become more available it is difficult to tell. But remember even with test results showing negative, this does not prevent you from becoming infected later.  Now I probably upped your anxiety by having said that, but it is important to be factual and reality based more than ever since our health is in the balance. 

Acknowledging our anxieties, seeing them for what they are is important for accepting them and moving on.  Anxiety is an alarm that does need to be attended to and addressed, but one need not be plagued by it. Work,  relax, meditate, play, develop new interests and stay in contact with friends and family.